Thursday, January 16, 2014

Action Items for energy efficiency

From the summit, I think there are two main actions items for the energy efficiency group.
  1. Organize a competition of low-power designs.
  2. Organize workshops discussing how to design systems that can migrate computation to more energy efficient locations or locations with renewable energy

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  1. I believe that once we've agreed on what we are ultimately aiming this RC initiative at, it will be a lot easier to move forward with specific activity suggestions, 'summit 2' invitees and meeting goals, etc.

    For example, if this IEEE initiative is supposed to both bring to light critical 'grand challenges' in need of addressing by the broad technical (and policy) community represented within the IEEE, then as a key starting point we should fully understand what existing activities, initiatives, etc. are already underway so that any 'gaps' and needs can be much more clearly defined.

    That being said, doing so will also enable identification of which sponsoring entities of these existing efforts this IEEE RC activity should leverage and/or partner with.

    Once such gaps are identified, then clearer RC goals going forward can be defined and specific actions targeted.

    For example, there are initiatives either underway or already proposed by U.S. national organizations such as the National Research Council, the Office of Science and Technology Policy, et al that are specifically aimed at each of the 3 'priority pillars' we discussed in our first RC 'summit' - 'security', applications & human interface', and 'energy efficient computing systems'.