Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Extending CMOS technology direction

In an effort to set up a community around extending CMOS, we are asking participants in Rebooting Computing that are knowledgeable about this topic to post references to explanatory material.

We are defining this topic area to include topics at or beyond the current frontier of technology. There appears to be a consensus that CMOS and Moore's Law will continue only for a finite period of time, with this blog thread focused on what comes beyond that time. To be true to the phrase "rebooting computing," the systems envisioned by this thread should include a new active device that has circuit behavior distinctly different from a transistor, a new circuit distinctly different from CMOS, or a new device that serves a special role in a non-von Neumann architecture.

We request that people posting technical materials make themselves available to explain the material or to participate in a dialog.

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