Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Neuromorphic processing

In an effort to set up a community around adiabatic and reversible computing, we are asking participants in Rebooting Computing that are knowledgeable about this topic to post references to explanatory material.

The scope of this thread can include both analog and digital brain-inspired or neuromorphic approaches.

Living brains use chemical and electrical analog behavior in synapses and soma (nerve cell bodies) to compute in the ways needed for survival.The analog scope of this thread is artificial systems with a human-engineered device or circuit taking the place of a synapse neuron. These systems are sometimes called "neuromorphic."

However, Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) can be implemented digitally using fixed or floating point values in lieu of analog signals. The digital scope of this thread would be devices and architectures that would execute the neural algorithms with speed and energy efficiency much higher than possible with a von Neumann computer.

We request that people posting technical materials make themselves available to explain the material or to participate in a dialog.

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